The WATS Guys

Specialists in sewer processes 

The developer of the Mega-WATS sewer process model

The WATS Guys is a small, specialized consulting company that helps asset owners and consulting engineers solve sewer process related problems.

The people behind The WATS Guys is a group of specialist who have decades of experience in analyzing and solving odor and corrosion problems in sewers.

The public expect sewers to function without being noticed, and the asset owners expect sewers to last for a century. When sewers start to stink, when they corrode and fall apart, it is often sewer processes that are at the root of the problem. 


At the heart of the work is the sewer process model Mega-WATS, which simulates all relevant biological, chemical, and physical processes in the water and gas phases of distributed sewer networks. The first beginnings of the Mega-WATS model date back to the mid-90s and the WATS model was first applied to solve full-scale problems in year 2000. Since then knowledge of sewer processes has continuously evolved, as has the model.

The people who have done much of the science behind the Mega-WATS model are the same who have created the model tool. This means that novel findings ae continuously included in the model, and the model hence is always at the cutting edge of what is known about sewer processes.

Download a demo version of Mega-WATS,

complete with network

A short introduction to sewer process modelling

Some short videos on how to use WATS

 Part A                                                              Part B                                                              Part C